The most cost-effective PVC trim & mouldings in the marketplace


PVC Trim

Your attention to quality and detail has never been more important. Razor Trim is the most cost effective PVC trim available. Contractors, architects and homeowners all see the benefits of PVC over wood and wood composites.

  • Available in standard 16' lengths
  • Our trim is cut to keep the edges clean and dimensionally accurate with true 90° angles.
  • We offer two finishes, Smooth Matte and Wood Grain. Our trim boards can be ordered either Smooth/Smooth or Smooth/Wood Grain.
  • Wood Grain is designed with a more natural surface texture to compliment cedar or fiber cement siding.

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Take your home exterior to the next level. Razor Moulding highlights the architectural features of your home and makes for head turning curb appeal — without rotting, peeling or fading. Competitively priced for best value.

  • Matte Finish allows for one coat paint application
  • Extruded (not machined) using the finest exterior grade cellular PVC material
  • Millwork, Railing, Window & Door Profiles
  • Fastens and installs like wood
  • Ready to install, saving on time & labor

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Bed Moulding Ram's Crown Imperial Rake
Rake Mould Shingle Mould Base Cap
Crown Mould 1 Crown Mould 2 Crown Mould 3
Quarter Round Scotia Cove Drip Cap
Adam's Casing Backband Casing Backband
Brickmould Brickmould + J Beadboard
Weatherstop Water Table Louver
Sill Attic Sill Historic Sill
Sill Nose Transom Sill Nose Historic Sill Nose
Top Rail Bottom Rail
1-1/4" Square 1-1/2" Square



What is the Razor edge?
Easy to install with basic tools Just soap and water to clean Water resistant Bug and insect resistant Rot and mold resistant
It is virtually maintenance free and it complements all exterior cladding materials, including vinyl, wood, stucco, fiber cement, and brick. Installers prefer it because cellular PVC trim is lightweight and durable and it can be installed using ordinary woodworking tools.
Distributed by Princeton Forest Products
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